CMOD Upgrade - Consultancy

Triton Consulting have been working with an international financial services organisation that utilise the IBM Content Manager on Demand solution.  The solution is used for multiple purposes throughout the organisation; from normal accountancy reporting to customer letters and account statements archive.

The challenge was to simplify end-user access and reduce time utilised installing full clients on each user PC, assist in mapping custom fonts for their new CMOD applications and to improve system performance 

The Solution
Triton were involved in upgrading the CMOD system so that the organisation was able to benefit from the enhanced features available to them, this included:


  •  Upgrading their current CMOD system to the latest levels
  • Improving system performance by tuning the DB2 9 database
  • Deploying a Web Based CMOD client (WEBI_ to help the customer to simpligy end-user access by reducing the time utilised installing full clients on each user PC
  • Assisting in mapping customer fonts for their new CMOD applications


The outcome

By utilising the "Advanced Function Printing" data archive capabilities of the OnDemand system, the organisation is able to offer it's customers their statements incorporating statistical data in the form of graphics. This helps the customer to better understand the market behaviour of their investments.

The OnDemand system also provides the organisation with the capability to integrate this data directly from the archive to the bank's web based customer portal.  This provides the customer with a 24/7 accessible portal to access their account information online and execute normal banking transactions like money transfers.  This greatly simplifies the service to the customer who can access their statements and accounts wherever they are in the world.

In addition to the increased customer srvice levels, the OnDemand system allows the organisation to run a "paper free" environment for it's customer statements.  This cuts paper and printing costs considerable whilst also adding to their green credentials.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest version of CMOD has allowed the bank to benefit from the new features such as increased security levels and additional functionality which has improved end-user experience. 



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