Enhance performance by unlocking the power of your business information

The right data warehouse and business intelligence solution can do just that. Every organisation needs fast access to accurate, consistent data.

The amount of data generated by your operational IT systems and stored within different repositories is phenomenal, leading to:

  • Data duplication
  • Different versions of the truth
  • Decisions made based on out-of-date or incorrect information

The Data warehousing solution

Ensuring that you have a single, consistent view of your data with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools will empower staff from around the business in their everyday tasks and improve decision-making ability.

The DB2 data warehousing suit of products, including IBM Balanced Warehouse have been designed to:

  • Support business requirement for a single version of the truth and actionable, real-time information
  • Enable users to perform ad-hoc, exploratory analysis to uncover hidden insight
  • Serve the increasing number of mixed applications that leverage all types of information, including both structured and unstructured content
  • Meet the challenges of rising data volumes and ever-increasing data requests through the ability to scale easily and affordably
  • Provide optimal data warehousing performance out-of-the-box
  • Comply with regulations and risk management requirements
  • As the UK's leading independent information management specialists Triton Consulting are IBM Premier Business Partners and renowned DB2 industry experts. Triton provide full data storage and database management consultancy

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