Already have a DB2 DBA?

  • Where does your DBA go for support or advice?
  • Do you have a robust contingency plan for when your DBA is not available?
  • What happens during extra busy periods such as during a software upgrade or a seasonal workload peak?
  • What would be the cost to your business if one of your DB2 applications was down for an hour/day/week?

The Solution – RemoteDBA

RemoteDBA is designed to work with your existing staff.

RemoteDBA packages are available as 9-5, 24/7 or out of hours only. This gives you the reassurance of knowing that your business critical databases are supported even during those times when your in-house DBA isn’t available.

During those busy periods such as software upgrades your DBA(s) are likely to be in high demand, making sure that the software goes in successfully and on time. These are the times when routine database management and administration can suffer. With RemoteDBA your systems will be managed and monitored by Triton, leaving your in-house team to concentrate on more pressing issues.

Still not sure how RemoteDBA from Triton could benefit you? See RemoteDBA in action

RemoteDBA – Package Details

Features RemoteDBA
Office plus
24x7 plus
SLA 9-5, M-F
Response time (hours) 1
Support Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support Hours Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 2 4 4 8
Proactive Monitoring
DB2 Version V9+ Any Any Any
Business critical applications No Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Reports
Access to online client portal
Dedicated account manager
Free database healthcheck
20 COD hours included
Hidden extras None None None None
Fixed price guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum Duration 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year