Skip Migration from V8

DB2 10 is the first release since V7 to support "skip migration" from a previous release. The skip migration was tested by customers as part of the DB2 10 beta program and in fact the first customer to go with DB2 10 in production used skip migration - so we know it works!

If you're considering a skip migration from V8 to DB2 10, you need to make a decision quickly to ensure that you complete all or most of your upgrade before the V8 end-of-support date (April 2012) otherwise you may end up paying for extended support. Triton can help with this process, providing an objective view of risk versus reward for your specific environment.

This is a rare opportunity for back-level customers to catch up with the DB2 release schedule. However, the risks and benefits must be carefully weighed. It is essential that customers meet the prereqs for both DB2 9 as well as the new ones for DB2 10. We would strongly recommend that you ensure you have a robust and mature regression test environment. Timing is really important when looking at skip migration and best practice for applying maintenance is essential. Elapsed time and effort for the upgrade project will probably be greater than for a "normal" migration, but less than two separate upgrades. Also, you mustn't underestimate the time it takes to get to grips with all the new functions once the upgrade is complete!

There are no plan stability features available until DB2 9 so you will need to use the old techniques to manage access paths when rebinding on V8.

You will need to follow the same overall process as with the DB2 V8 to DB2 V9 upgrade:

  • Must be in DB2 8 NFM with all DB2 10 technical pre-reqs met
  • Move to DB2 10 CM (Conversion Mode)
  • Move to DB2 10 NFM via ENFM

Support for "rolling upgrade" in data sharing group.

  • All members must have pre-migration SPE applied before CM is attempted
  • All members must be at DB2 10 CM before ENFM is attempted

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DB2 Version Migration Services

DB2 10 Migration Technical Pre-requisites

  • z/OS 1.10 or later
  • At DB2 V8 or DB2 9 in NFM with migration/fallback SPE applied
  • REBINDs for packages bound at V5 or lower
  • Replace DBRMs bound directly in plans with packages
  • Remove all use of private protocol
  • Prepare for SMS-managed catalog objects
  • New PLAN_TABLE formats
  • DB2 client and DB2 Connect 9
  • 9.7 FP3a for function & performance
  • Convert DB2-managed stored procedures (if migrating from DB2 V8)
  • ... and many more minor ones - check the Install Guide for a full list