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DB2 Database Availability

  • Database Availability for DB2 LUW - Executive Overview

  • Six Reasons to Review Your Database Availability Today

  • Database Availability for DB2 LUW - White Paper

DB2 & Data Management

  • DB2 Shadow Tables: Bringing Analytics to Data - pdf

  • Managing Mainframe Costs in the Financial Services Sector

  • Managing Mainframe Costs in the Retail Sector

  • Happy DB2 10 CM Day

  • Mobile Workload and Mainframe Cost Reduction

  • zTune Reduce Mainframe Costs


Data Growth Management

  • Managing the data explosion

  • Managing the financial services data explosion

  • Control application data growth before it controls your business

  • Mergers & Acquisitions - Data management strategies that support business growth

  • An insiders’ view on managing a data archiving project

  • Optim test data management and data privacy solutions for Insurance companies


Continuous Availability & Disaster Recovery - DB2

  • Episode 3 - DB2 pureScale Availability & Data Recovery

  • Season Finale - DB2 pureScale Vs Oracle RAC webcast

  • Episode 1 - DB2 pureScale Overview

  • Episode 2 - DB2 pureScale Installation, Instance Management & Monitoring

  • Episode 4 - DB2 pureScale Performance & Tuning


Data Governance & Privacy Solutions

  • White Paper - IBM Optim Data Redaction: Reconciling openness with privacy


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  • IBM Downloads

  • IBM Alphaworks

  • IBM Redbooks

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