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  • Append only DB2 diagnostic log and administration
    How many times have I asked customers for the DB2 diagnostic log file (db2diag.log) only to be told “it’s too large to send” or “it’s taking too long to open.” This is because the DB2 diagnostic files have been append only since time immemorial, thei

  • Beware of over-federating
    During a recent DB2-LDAP configuration at a client site, I stumbled upon a bizarre security exposure.

  • Command line vs GUI
    I always say that database admin is best performed from the command line with scripts. This means that admin is repeatable and the actions are recorded which in turn can improve DBA productivity.

  • DB2 9.5 not available for Linux on IA64

  • DB2 9.7 - Minimize planned outages when making cha
    IBM DB2 9.7 introduces enhancements that allow you to make changes to the database objects while keeping these objects fully accessible to the database users during the modification. These enhancements allow database administrators to make vital chan

  • DB2 diagnostics and administration

  • DB2 LUW V9.5 processes on Linux
    Question: I need to find out what DB2 LUW V9.5 processes are running on a Linux machine? Is there another way other than ‘ps –ef’ or ‘ps aux’ then grepping out the result set?

  • IP addresses of database connections
    Ever needed to track down those pesky connections to a database you’re trying to backup?

  • Migration issues from DB2 V8.2 to DB2 9.5
    During a migration from DB2 V8.2 to DB2 V9.5 for Sun Solaris 64-bit Iqbal encountered an interesting issue.....