Transparent Application Scaling with IBM DB2 pureScale
December 8th, 2009

By leveraging modern hardware architectures, DB2 pureScale is able to bring to the distributed platform the centralized locking and caching capabilities previously only available on DB2 for z/OS. This hardware and network exploitation allows for greater levels of concurrency and significantly reduced overhead which in turn delivers higher levels of scalability. In addition, the centralized locking and page caching allows DB2 pureScale to continuously be in a state of awareness as to what pages would need recovery should any member fail. Thus, in the event of a failure, all data that does not need recovery is continuously available to other applications while the page that were in process of being updated by the failed node are already known to the system and are recovered more quickly.

For applications that need high levels of availability and for which horizontal growth delivers a cost benefit, DB2 pureScale brings to the table a solution that is tailored to meet these needs and has the lineage which has already proven itself in the marketplace.

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