What do Clones do on Mother’s Day? An Overview of the Strange New World of the Clone Table
February 16th, 2010

Join CA and Julian Stuhler of Triton Consulting on - CA Virtial Roundtable: An Overview of The Strange New World of The Clone Table' 

In previous releases of DB2, users expressed the need for a functionality that is similar to an online LOAD REPLACE utility.  Introduced in DB2 9, clone table support provides users with the ability to generate a table with the exact same attributes as a table that already exists in the current DB2 subsystem.  The clone is created within the same universal table space as the base table, and is structurally identical to the base table in every way.  Once created, a clone table can be manipulated independently of the base table, and you can exchange data between the base table and the clone table. Clone tables thus provide the functional equivalent of an online LOAD REPLACE utility, allowing users to, for example, reload table data multiple times a day while still being able to access the existing data with read-only operations.  This presentation will examine the new clone table feature, discussing concepts, advantages, commands and restrictions (including the new UTS table space type).

Speaker: Greg Parrish

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