DB2 for z/OS V8 - Are you Ready?
May 19th, 2008

As IBM withdraw their support of DB2 for z/OS V7 at the end of June, many organisations are urgently trying to rush through migration to DB2 v8. 

Gain the benefits of DB2 V8 functionality while ensuring your production applications remain stable, scalable & available 

Many organisations are looking forward to taking advantage of new DB2 features in V8 such as:

  • Reduction of physical I/O due to the expansion of memory
  • Table-based partitioning to improve availability and performance of large tables
  • New SQL functionality to reduce development effort

What are the pitfalls to be aware of during migration and how is DB2 V8 going to impact current production systems? 

64-bit addressing offers significant scalability advantages and there may be the potential for enhanced performance due to a reduction in physical reads, but the down side is a risk of CPU increases for your DB2 workloads.

Depending on the type of workload your DB2 based application supports, increase in CPU could be anywhere between 5% and 20%.  So it's important to ensure your DB2 for z/OS environment is tuned as optimally as possible.
Many organisations have struggled to migrate their production DB2 environments within their expected timescales while avoiding any adverse affect on application performance.

Still think you are ready for DB2 for z/OS V8? 

If not then then please feel free to email or call on 0870 2411 550 so we can discuss how our experienced DB2 consultants can help assist with your migration and enable you to make the most of the new DB2 V8 functionality while ensuring your production applications remain stable, scalable and available.

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