Adding some zIIP to IBM DB2: What Can Speciality Processors Do for You?
June 30th, 2010

In his latest article for Database Journal, Julian Stuhler looks at how IBM DB2 for z/OS uses zIIP and how it reduces the monthly software cost for customers on WLC charging models.

For some time now, DB2 for z/OS has been the major user and benefactor of the zIIP engine: one of a number of System z technologies collectively known as "speciality processors". This article provides an overview of the zIIP and how DB2 for z/OS can use it (including a recently announced enhancement). In a future column, I'll be providing some practical advice on how to tell if acquiring a zIIP would benefit your specific DB2 workloads, and how to monitor your zIIP usage once you have one.

Visit Database Journal for the full article.