Why is DB2 for z/OS better than Oracle RAC?
January 11th, 2011

Join IBM for this complimentary webcast and learn more about the differences between DB2 and Oracle RAC. In recent years, IBM DB2 has been under considerable pressure from its competitors, most notably Oracle RAC, that claim to provide the same functionality and quality-of-service characteristics as DB2. In fact, DB2 specialists are often asked by business decision-makers to articulate the technical advantages of DB2 and justify the choice of DB2 as the preferred database server. This session will give you the opportunity to hear the argument in favor of DB2 - from scalability and availability, to an architecture that delivers the "gold standard" in workload management.

Here are just a few of the questions which will be answered in this webcast:

  • Why is DB2 for z/OS considered the ultimate database server?
  • What are the technical differentiators by which it stands out, particularly against Oracle RAC?
  • How does Oracle RAC process concurrent transactions when compared to DB2?

All webcast attendees will receive a free IBM white paper that provides an in-depth comparison of the database clustering architecture provided by DB2 for z/OS and the Oracle RAC product.

Speaker: Namik Hrle, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Information Management, IBM Software Group

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