System z Webcast - Delivering on the full promise of Business Intelligence
April 7th, 2009

 Tuesday 21st April 2009

Whether you are interested in getting more value out of your System Z, or you are working on improving your organisation's business intelligence infrastructre, this webcast is for you! 

As BI continues to evolve from a specialized back-office function, and expand into front-line business operations, a ‘modern' class of mainframe has emerged as a viable and compelling platform on which to run BI and analytic applications.
This webcast explains how the hallmark strengths of System z- performance, application availability, reliability, and security-are well suited to meet modern BI requirements that are becoming more complex and realtime in nature.

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In this webcast, an independent analyst will discuss the value that the System z platform can bring to your organization, when addressing your enterprise BI requirements, such as:


  • Improving information availability to a broader set of users
  • Ensuring quality of service through performance and availability
  • Managing the security of your data
  • Lowering BI infrastructure costs and delays


Speakers for this timely webcast include Madan Sheina from OVUM, who will talk to the value of delivering business intelligence on System z, followed by Rebecca Wormleighton from IBM, who will highlight some of the robust functions Cognos 8 BI offers on the platform.

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