DB2 UDB V8 - end of support 30th April 2009
April 9th, 2009

Support for DB2 V8 will end on 30th April 2009.  What are the options?

1. Triton can provide DB2 support on older versions of DB2.  Take a look at our Remote DBA offerings to find out how our flexible database support packages can keep your critical DB2 database fully supported.

2. Upgrade to DB2 V9.5 and benefit from:

35% improvement in DBA efficiency
DB2 automatically performs time-consuming database administration tasks like memory management and storage allocation.

Lower Storage Costs
DB2 customers are reporting compression ratios of up to 83%, which means less storage to buy and maintain.

Lower Server and License Costs
DB2 needs fewer processors, which means less hardware to purchase. It also means less software to license and maintain.

Easier XML Projects
Customers are reporting that XML projects require between 30% and 66% fewer people.

Peace of Mind
DB2's world class security and audit features ensure that you meet your current needs, as well as your evolving future needs.

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