DB2 10 Migration Technical Pre-requisites

  • z/OS 1.10 or later
  • At DB2 V8 or DB2 9 in NFM with migration/fallback SPE applied
  • REBINDs for packages bound at V5 or lower
  • Replace DBRMs bound directly in plans with packages
  • Remove all use of private protocol
  • Prepare for SMS-managed catalog objects
  • New PLAN_TABLE formats
  • DB2 client and DB2 Connect 9
    • 9.7 FP3a for function & performance
  • Convert DB2-managed stored procedures (if migrating from DB2 V8)
  • ... and many more minor ones - check the Install Guide for a full list

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DB2 Version Migration Services

"Normal" Upgrade from DB2 9

For those organisations who are upgrading from DB2 9 you will need to follow the same overall process as in your DB2 V8 to V9 upgrade:

  • Must be in DB2 9 NFM with all DB2 10 technical pre-reqs met
  • Move to DB2 10 CM (Conversion Mode)
  • Move to DB2 10 NFM via ENFM

Support for "rolling upgrade" in data sharing group.

  • All members must have pre-migration
  • All members must be at DB2 10 CM before ENFM is attempted SPE applied before CM is attempted

The Plan stability feature (PK52523) will be a major advantage for those who have previously suffered from "Rebindaphobia"!