RCAC: Usage Considerations Part 3

In the previous two blogs (https://www.triton.co.uk/confessions-of-a-db2-geek/article/65/DB2-10.1-RCAC:-Hints-&-Tips-Part-1  and https://www.triton.co.uk/confessions-of-a-db2-geek/article/66/RCAC:-Usage-Considerations-Part-2  ) we were discussing the Column Mask and Row Permissions as two separate entities, with potentially different impacts to your database. I'm now going to try and demonstrate some of the issues

RCAC: Usage Considerations Part 2

In the previous blog (https://www.triton.co.uk/confessions-of-a-db2-geek/article/65/DB2-10.1-RCAC:-Hints-&-Tips-Part-1 ) we were discussing the Column Mask part of the RCAC feature. To recap, there are 2 parts to RCAC • Column masks : which over-write or obscure returned values with specified alternatives • Row

DB2 10.1 RCAC: Hints & Tips Part 1

  Row and Column Access Control (RCAC) in DB2 10.1 for LUW is a neat and simple means of shielding your data from users who don't need to see it. It's really two things melded together:   • Row permissions

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