DB2 10 Webcasts with DB2 Experts from Triton & IBM

With many organiations already in the planning stages of their next DB2 for z/OS version upgrade and V8 going out of support in just 4 months we decided that November really should be Migration Month!

With that in mind we have arranged 3 webcasts covering different DB2 10 topics:

DB2 Overview – Get Ready to Plan Your Migration – 3rd November – Register here
If you’re about to start planning or you’re already in the planning stage of your upgrade then this webcast is ideally timed for you!  Julian Stuhler, Triton Director, IBM Gold Consultant and IBM Data Champion will be leading this webcast.  He’ll take you through some of the key new technologies introduced in DB2 10 and then move on to give some practical advice on planning the migration process for V8 skip migrations and DB2 9-10 migrations.  Julian will also be joined by IBM Client Technical Specialist Tom Crocker, both of whom will be available for a live Q&A at the end of the webcast.

DB2 10 – Justifying the Upgrade – 10th November – Register here
Perhaps you’re not quite at the planning stage yet and are still trying to get budget agreed and having to make recommendations as to how an upgrade to DB2 10 will benefit your organisation.  If that’s your current position then this is the webcast for you.  Julian will bring to life the key concepts which make the business justification for migrating to DB2 10 so compelling and there will be a live Q&A session at the end.

DB2 10 – The Secrets of Scalability – 1st December – Register here
Once you’ve made the move to DB2 10, or at least made the decision to move it’s vital that you make the most of all the available benefits.  There has been a lot of information put out about the very significant potential of the CPU/cost savings DB2 10 can offer.  However, less has been said about the release’s scalability which could be equally valuable to many organisations struggling to cope with the demands of ever-increasing workloads.

In this webcast Julian will be joined by IBM Distinguished Engineer Jeff Josten.  Together they will  focus on DB2 10’s features for reducing virtual storage constraints, improving catalog concurrency and removing other scalability barriers.  The session will cover:

  • The need for scalability
  • Virtual storage constraint relief
  • Latch contention reduction
  • Catalogue concurrency enhancements
  • SMF compression
  • Other scalability enhancements

If all that wasn’t enough, Julian Stuhler & James Gill of Triton Consulting will also be speaking at the GSE UK Conference on 2nd November.  Their presentation “Time Travel with DB2 10” will look at the new Temporal Data functions in DB2 10. For more info visit the event website.

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