Mainframe is the new black……

but are we ready for it?

The mainframe has been on a rollercoaster ride over the last 30 years; from hero to zero and now, back to hero again. In the late ‘90s the mainframe began to lose it’s “cool” new technology status to distributed platforms. Now the mainframe is coming back into fashion and rather than moving away from it, organisations are building on its’ solid foundations.

According to recent research by CA, mainframes still handle 55% of companies’ data; this rises to 59% for companies with more than 3000 staff; and rises again to 64% for organisations where the mainframe is connected with distributed, server-based computing systems. This makes sense given that the mainframe provides widely acknowledged cost and energy efficiencies along with top notch security and reliability features.

As organisations increasingly look towards the mainframe to support ever growing business systems a problem has begun to appear on the horizon – the mainframe skills shortage.

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