Throughout every organisation, data owners need to be able to manage data effectively

The concerns from each part of the business may sound different:

  • How can we prevent data growth from impairing business results?
  • My batch runs are so slow, we're missing business SLA's – what can we do to speed things up?
  • How can we improve application service levels and increase availability?
  • How can we archive application data in its business context and preserve the integrity of the data relationships?
  • How can we protect privacy of confidential customer information and comply with data privacy legislation?

Managing data throughout the enterprise

The reality is that from executive level through to line of business and technical management, the key concerns are the same and the solution is a holistic one which can be implemented into every part of the organisation.

Triton Consulting can work with you to help you manage the growing issues of data availability, data growth management and data privacy.

Using the IBM Optim tool set, Triton can provide the software and key technical services to implement an enterprise data management solution to help you manage these issues.

Triton Consulting provide Optim software and services for both mainframe and midrange environments.

IBM Optim tools provide real solutions in each of the following areas:

Data Growth Management

  • Manage continued data growth without purchasing new hardware
  • Active archiving to archive data in an immutable format
  • Comply with data retention legislation
  • Minimise downtime during migrations and upgrades
  • Application retirement which allows access to historic data

Test Data Management

  • Deploy reliable applications
  • Speed up deployment of new application functionality
  • Reduce downtime and associated costs

Data Privacy

  • Protect confidential data
  • Comply with data privacy legislation
  • Avoid the fines and tarnished brand image associated with data breaches
  • Apply proven data masking techniques to de-identify confidential data

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