Consultancy – SAP Core Banking on DB2 z/OS

Triton began providing consultancy services for a major UK financial services firm, as part of a large SAP Core Banking implementation project. The project was the first of its kind in the UK, aiming to replace the organisation’s outdated IT infrastructure with a more robust, scalable and flexible banking system that would enable it to more rapidly develop and deliver innovative financial products in a competitive market.

DB2 for z/OS data sharing was chosen as the back-end database infrastructure to support the SAP application, due to its unmatched availability and scalability characteristics. Triton was initially engaged to work alongside the SAP architects and assist in the technical design of the various DB2 development, test and production environments necessary to support such an ambitious and complex project. Triton consultants were also involved in advising other key areas of the programme architecture, such as security and audit.

Once the overall system landscape was agreed, Triton performed the detailed technical design for the DB2 environment, defining the exact subsystem configuration required to adhere to SAP’s general recommendations while also supporting the specific needs of the programme. Triton consultants were then used to rapidly and accurately build, test and deliver the necessary DB2 data sharing groups according to the detailed technical design. This involved the creation of over 60 DB2 subsystems , each one set up exactly according to the pre-defined design criteria.

Once the programme was fully operational, Triton provided ongoing database administration and systems programming support, ensuring that all systems were running optimally and performing environment backup/restore operations as necessary to assist the development and test process. Triton was also instrumental in the ongoing performance tuning of the DB2 environments, monitoring system and application performance and making changes to DB2 system configuration parameters, buffer pools, tablespaces and indexes as necessary to resolve any issues identified. Throughout this process, detailed documentation was produced and skills transfer was provided to the organisation’s own technical specialists to allow them to become fully self-sufficient in supporting and administering the system in the future.

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