Mainframe DevOps

Your mainframe has potential – and DevOps can help you realise it.

Mainframes Need DevOps Too
When people talk about mainframes, they often use words like ‘heritage’, ‘legacy’ or ‘cherished’. The implication is that mainframes are not as modern as Linux systems, so it is best to leave them ‘as is’.

For many firms, the mainframe is the ‘engine room’ of transactions and data processing. The Mainframe still accounts for 90% of the Fortune 500’s core systems.

Triton also thinks that IBM Mainframes still have a lot to give. They are resilient, scalable and secure and offer solid availability.

With some of the most experienced and qualified consultants in the industry, Triton has been at the forefront of applying modernisation tools and processes to the mainframe platform and managing culture change to keep the mainframe a first-class citizen in the IT landscape.


Mainframes Need DevOps too

DevOps was originally aimed at distributed environments. Over the last decade, however, its principles have also been adopted for application development on IBM mainframes.

Mainframe development and operations are often siloed, with separate teams responsible for different phases of the application lifecycle. This can lead to inefficiencies, delays, and increased risks when deploying changes to mainframe systems.

Mainframe DevOps aims to address these challenges by adopting the following principles and practices:


DevOps Principles and Practices

Mainframe DevOps Principles and Practices


Keeping the Mainframe at the centre of your infrastructure

Adopting DevOps practices for mainframe systems can lead to significant benefits, such as improved software quality, faster release cycles, increased efficiency, and better alignment with business objectives while cutting costs and risks. It allows organisations to modernise their mainframe development processes and keep up with the ever-changing demands of the digital age.


Accelerate Time to Market

With the adoption of Mainframe DevOps, your development teams can collaborate seamlessly, eliminating bottlenecks and delivering new applications and updates to the market faster.


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