DevOps can help you get better results quicker and faster.

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Opportunity won’t wait

You need to meet your customers’ needs and stay ahead of your competitors.

So you need to bring new services, products and channels to market as quickly as possible.

As the business evolves, so do its IT applications. As applications evolve, so do the data stores and the data they contain.

Developers have to deliver what the business needs, so it can give customers what they want. But staying up to speed can be a challenge.

And that’s what DevOps is all about.


What is DevOps?

‘DevOps’ = ‘Development’ + ‘Operations’

As its name suggests, DevOps is all about deeper collaboration and co-ordination between software development and IT operations teams.

What is DevOps Triton Consulting


DevOps is about doing things better… but it’s also about doing better things.

The main aim of DevOps is to shorten the development lifecycle and improve software quality. However, it’s not just about technology. It’s a whole philosophy of software delivery, encompassing people, processes and tools (such as Lean and Agile).

Teams who use DevOps create higher-quality, more reliable products. But they do it quicker, with less risk and at lower cost. So they can deliver exactly what the business needs, when it needs it.


What is Database DevOps?

Getting the data element right is key to the success of any application, and many organisations are realising that it is a vital factor in achieving the overall business benefits promised by DevOps. Triton’s Database DevOps service extends the traditional DevOps project to ensure the data requirements are met.

Take the plunge. Dive deeper into Database DevOps.