CPA Global – RemoteDBA Support & Consultancy on Demand

CPA Global is the world’s top intellectual property (IP) management and IP software specialist, and a leading provider of outsourced legal services. With offices across Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific, CPA Global supports many of the world’s best known corporations and law firms with a broad range of IP and broader legal services.

Founded in Jersey, Channel Islands in 1969, CPA Global today employs more than 1,700 people, serving clients’ needs in 200 jurisdictions around the world through its own offices and an extensive agent network.

Working closely with its clients, CPA Global ensures they have the best information on which to base decisions, and the best support in terms of helping implement those decisions.


The Challenge

CPA Global was embarking on a multi-year development of a key business application based on Db2. In-house Db2 expertise was limited to a single individual, who had many other areas of technical responsibility as well.

CPA Global recognised that additional Db2 specialist knowledge was needed to support the new Db2 infrastructure during the development project and to provide advice and guidance on the design principles adopted.


The Solution

Triton and CPA Global began working together in 2011 in order to provide support for production Db2 operations and the ongoing development of a Db2 database.

Triton is supporting all Db2 LUW environments used in the development, testing and operation of this application (namely Production, Pre-Production, UAT and Development) through a RemoteDBA Officeplus Support Service.

“I have worked with quite a lot of technology suppliers, but the Triton service is second to none. It’s the best service I have encountered in the 14 years I have been with CPA Global.” Juandi Abbott Business Integration Manager – CPA Global

Triton is also providing Db2 advice and guidance through a Consultancy on Demand Agreement in numerous areas including:

  • Training and workshop sessions conducted on-site
  • Reviewing and updating database and instance level configuration parameters
  • Designing and implementing a data placement strategy (including tablespace and bufferpool configuration)
  • Designing and implementing a housekeeping strategy (known locally as RRR housekeeping: REORGs, RUNSTATS and REBINDs) specifically interfacing with the customer application
  • Performance advice for specific queries and application workloads
  • Database-specific assistance during application releases
  • Design advice on Db2 features and tools and how these can be used within the application


The Result

CPA Global has great confidence that their Db2 infrastructure is in safe hands and that they can call upon Triton for advice, guidance and Consultancy Support at short notice.