DB2 9.7

Iqbal Goralwalla Wows the Audience with DB2 9.7 Fix Pack “Pearls” on DB2Night Show™

Were you unfortunate enough to miss IBM Champion Iqbal Goralwalla talk about DB2 LUW 9.7 Fix Pack "Pearls" on the latest DB2Night Show™? It was a great show. Luckily replays are still available, so why not take time out to

Customer says best feature in DB2 9.7 is Storage Optimization…

...it gave compression of up to 5 times resulting in more space savings and enhanced performance. In 2011 we worked with one of our longest standing customers, Holiday Extras, on a migration project and helped them migrate from their DB2

“DB2 9.7 is a star, customers love it!”

Says Iqbal Goralwalla, our Head of DB2 Midrange Services in a recent interview on masteringdatamanagement.com in their "Meet the IBM Champions" series. During the interview Iqbal talked about Triton's quantative complexity analysis of IBM DB2 9.7 Vs Oracle 11gR2.  The

Day 2 at IDUG EMEA – All about DB2 9.7

From Iqbal Goralwalla Day 2 started in full swing early in the morning. The day was packed with excellent presentations. 2 notable ones from the ones I attended were SQL on Fire (III) by Serge Rielau (IBM) and New Features

DB2 beats Oracle Database in final task showdown

In the final task in our study comparing complexity in Oracle Database 11g and DB2 9.7 we looked at data access control.  We found the data access control activity to be dramatically easier to implement in DB2 V9.7 than the

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