2011 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

Enhancements to DB2 pureScale

Over the last year there have been some exciting enhancements to DB2 pureScale.  At IDUG EMEA Matt Huras, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Toronto Laboratory, gave an excellent presentation which ran through some of the key enhancements including:

  • More platform choices – as of DB2 9.8 FP2/ FP3/ FP4:
    • IBM System X servers running SUSE 10 SP3 or RedHat 5.5, including 3650 M3, 3690 X5, 3850 X
    • High-speed Interconnect network now includes 10G Ethernet (SUSE)
    • SUSE 11 SP1 – as of DB2 9.8 FP4
  • Workload consolidation
    • Multiple Active Databases as of DB2 9.8 FP3
  • Increased Availability & Performance
    • Multiple Redundant Communications Adapters. Prior to FP4, a CF could utilize at most one communication port. With FP4, each CF can now utilize up to 4 ports. This allows for:
      • Increased availability
      • Increased performance
  • More backup and recovery options
    • Split/Mirror Backup Support – as of DB2 9.8 FP4

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