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Managing mission critical databases cost effectively

Meet the challenges of database management in the downturn

DB2 database management specialists, Triton Consulting, are helping their customers meet the challenges of database management in the downturn by enhancing their managed services offerings to include additional free consultancy packages.

Remote DBA from Triton Consulting offers the reassurance of stable, secure management for all components of a client’s DB2 infrastructure, without the associated staffing and technical issues.

Real ROI – Savings of up to £81,000 per annum!
A Remote DBA service leverages a shared skill pool and can thereby offer support more cheaply, saving organisations a substantial amount annually. This is especially cost effective for smaller organisations that are unable to support a full team of DBAs.

With Remote DBA contracts available from as little as £15,000 per annum there is real return on investment to be gained. Savings of up to £81,000 per annum can be realised. This is based on utilising the full time working companion Remote DBA contract from Triton versus 2 x full time in house DBAs.

As well as first class database management support all Remote DBA contracts now come with an additional 20 hours of free consultancy.

“We know that everyone is feeling the pressure of the economic downturn, especially in the IT sector. Remote DBA gives IT managers a really cost effective solution to managing their critical DB2 systems.” Says Laura Hood, Marketing Manager “The additional consultancy hours which are now included in the package mean that customers can benefit from free consultancy, training or development work in addition to ongoing DB2 support”

Support when you need it
Remote DBA, like an insurance policy, gives you peace of mind that your critical business systems will be covered no matter what. Absences such as sickness or holidays are automatically covered. When DBAs are pulled off onto other projects where their skills can be better utilised, the everyday maintenance and support of the database will still be carried out with no loss of service. Flexible support options mean that you can tailor-make the service to meet your specific requirements.

“The service that we have received from Triton has been fantastic, they are always available at the end of the phone/email to help with any issues that we have. The staff have a superb knowledge of DB2” Elizabeth O’Neil, Holiday Extras

Proactive monitoring
Triton’s industry-leading proactive monitoring technology is included with every Remote DBA agreement. At the first sign of a potential issue, the client’s Remote DBA Companion will be alerted and can begin to take remedial action. Often a potential issue can be detected, analysed and resolved before a client is even aware of the problem.

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