Consultancy on Demand for officially out of support Db2 versions

Still running Db2 V11.1 or older?

Sometimes it is necessary for organisations to stay on older, unsupported database versions. This can mean a considerable amount of risk should any problems arise.

Consultancy on Demand is available on all versions of Db2 including those which are officially out of support with IBM. This means that even if you’re forced to stay on an officially unsupported Db2 version you can still benefit from access to top Db2 skills if issues arise.

DB2 Consultancy on DemandUsing Consultancy on Demand for out of support versions is a great “insurance policy” for your Db2 database. Available in packages from 20, 50 or 100 hours of consultancy, which can be called off as and when needed, it’s also highly cost effective.


You can use Consultancy on Demand hours however you like over 12 months. Perhaps you need a Db2 health check or maybe you need a readily available source of expertise for those tricky technical questions which often come up on older versions.

Because you have pre-purchased, there is no need for you to go through the often difficult purchasing process each time.

Our RemoteDBA service is also available for older Db2 versions. RemoteDBA provides round the clock support for all components of your Db2 infrastructure. Find out more

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