Db2 for z/OS Tool Replacement Services

If you need to switch from one Db2 product or vendor to another, we can help you migrate all your utilities and operations without a hitch.


Why replace products?

There are many reasons why you might want to stop using a particular Db2 product, or switch from one vendor to another.

For example, you might be concerned about the level of support you can rely on, your ability to access new features at the right time or the vendor’s future prospects.

Or you might be planning to switch to a new Db2 environment that won’t allow you to use or licence certain tools and utilities.

Adopting new products can help to simplify Db2 tooling and improve performance for many critical batch operations – and deliver significant savings on licence costs too.

However, replacing tools on business-critical Db2 systems can be complex and challenging. With so many problem fixes and product enhancements being delivered during the conversion, it’s easy to lose track of progress or miss crucial interdependencies.

That’s why it’s so vital that the tool replacement process is planned and executed properly.


How we can help with tool replacement

We offer a comprehensive service for tool replacement, helping you achieve a smooth changeover in tooling with no disruption of your day-to-day operations.
IBM Db2 Tool Replacement Service
We can handle conversions at any scale, including those that involve multiple product enhancements, dozens of Db2 subsystems and thousands of utility jobs – all without any impact on your critical batch schedules.

We offer expert Db2 consultancy and support with utility migration and testing for your in-house DBA and application staff.


Our Db2 Tool Replacement service

Throughout the tool replacement project, we will provide project management, coordination, and management reporting – working alongside your chosen third-party migration partners, if required.

Our five stage approach includes:

  • Analysing the technical environment and target requirements.
  • Review the technical environment
  • Develop a detailed technical design
  • Agree scope
  • Installing new tooling
  • Preparing for migration to new tooling, including process and utility conversions and development of automation (such as REXX) to support and speed up the process
  • Developing bespoke code to generate Db2 and sequential test data for utility conversion testing
  • Testing and solution validation
  • Transferring existing jobs and functionality to new tooling
  • Technical support and training for staff on the new tooling
  • Warranty Support
  • Enhanced Training
  • Management Reporting


Previous projects

To see how we’ve put our expertise into action, read our case studies of tool replacement projects for a UK bank and a major international airline.


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