RemoteDBA Lite

Cost-effective Db2 support on tap

What is RemoteDBA Lite?RemoteDBA Lite Triton Consulting

RemoteDBA Lite is the streamlined version of our RemoteDBA support package optimised for smaller, more stable Db2 environments.

You get expert, responsive Db2 support from our fully trained consultants whenever you need it, at an affordable price point.

We created RemoteDBA Lite especially for organisations who use Db2 less intensively, or have ‘inherited’ it from elsewhere and don’t have in-house Db2 expertise to support it.


What is included?

Two-hour rapid response to Db2 incidents
– either 24/7 or during office hours
9am–5pm as you prefer

An initial ‘health check’ of your Db2 system,
followed by monthly reports
on system health

Up to 20 hours’ expert Db2 consultancy
per year

Your own dedicated support hotline
and account manager


RemoteDBA Lite is available for all Db2 LUW versions, including those that are officially no longer supported by IBM.

Online access to RemoteDBA Lite is via a completely secure network.


Is RemoteDBA Lite right for you?

RemoteDBA Lite will suit your organisation if:

  • You have just one or two Db2 databases in production
  • You’re currently using Db2 for production only, with little or no application development and testing
  • You have a relatively stable IT environment, with just a few Db2 production issues per year
  • Even though your Db2 use is modest, you could still suffer significant data loss from Db2 database corruption – if you don’t have a rigorous backup or maintenance strategy in place
  • You’ve ‘inherited’ Db2 through expansion or acquisition, or bundled with another product (Datastage, Maximo, WAS, IIS, Optim etc), and don’t have the in-house skills to support it.


Which RemoteDBA package is right for you?

Use the feature table below to choose between the full and Lite versions of RemoteDBA.

RemoteDBA Lite RemoteDBA
 You use Db2 for… Production only

Production, application development and testing

Change programmes

 Databases in production 1-2 Unlimited
 Incidents per year Up to 6 Unlimited
 Coverage Worldwide Worldwide
 Length of contract 12 months 12 months
 Dedicated hotline for support calls
 Supported hours Choose from 24/7 or 9am–5pm Choose from 24/7 or 9am–5pm
 Guaranteed response time 2 hours
(within periods covered)
1-, 2- or 4-hour response, depending on contract selected
 Dedicated account manager
 Rapid incident response ✔ 
 Initial ‘health check’
 Monthly system ‘health reports
 Consultancy on Demand 20 hours per annum 20 hours per annum
 Proactive performance monitoring  
 Performance alerts  
 Bespoke customer support  


If you have three or more Db2 databases, do more intensive development work or experience issues more frequently, our full Remote DBA package will be better for you.


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