Application Replatforming

Replatforming of an application needs careful planning, whether you are moving to the Cloud or moving between platforms in-house.

Considerations around migration and availability of business critical data will be key to the success of the project.

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While such replatforming projects offer a variety of attractive business benefits, they can also be risky, complex and expensive.

Most applications today are running 24×7 with large volumes of data underpinning them. Moving applications to a new platform can be accomplished in advance, without adversely impacting existing production services. However, migrating platforms for critical applications, keeping data current and keeping downtime to a minimum is a greater challenge.

How to migrate large volumes of data efficiently? How is this done in a timely manner without losing transactions?

The Application Replatforming Service from Triton will help migrate existing DB2 on premise applications successfully to the Cloud, or to a new on-premise platform, by de-risking the plan and the move. Our service will significantly reduce the operational risks ensuring that clients are able to successfully complete the migration while controlling costs and maintaining availability of critical services.


The Triton re-platforming service is delivered in four distinct stages

  • Analyse current system and requirements for successful working Cloud solution
  • What the application needs - SLA's, security, backup/recovery, response times, etc.
  • Early identification of project issues and confirmation of the ROI
  • Detailed plan of the tasks and timescales for the project
  • Particular focus on data migration and the approach to continuity of service
  • Identify risks and activities on the critical path
  • Build of the proposed Cloud service and associated services like backup/recovery
  • Full test of the system including execution of the data migration plan
  • Execution of the cutover plan to deliver the application working on Cloud
  • Ongoing support of the Cloud based application including problem fix, maintenance, upgrades and enhancements



Benefits to your business by engaging Triton Consulting

  • Data migration – Triton Consultants are experts in data migration having been involved in major data migration projects and can help alleviate concerns over business downtime
  • Cost – Triton can help minimise the risks associated with the cost of the move and ensure the target savings will be met
  • Increased flexibility and control – We work with organisations to ensure the processes and protocols are in place to give you complete control over key software and hardware administrative tasks.
  • Security – Cloud service providers implement the best security standards and industry certifications, but storing data and important files on external service providers always opens up risks. Triton Consultants will review the DB2 security standards to ensure they meet your required level of control.
  • Skills and On-going support – As well as providing the skills to ensure a smooth transition, we can also deliver on-going management of your replatformed database using two of our standard services – RemoteDBA and Consultancy on Demand.

Triton provide consultancy and services to help organisations plan, implement and reduce operational risks associated with moving DB2 applications to a new platform.

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