2009 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

Triton Announce New Remote DBA Offerings

Triton Consulting are currently offering:

An extra 20 hours consultancy on 24/7, 1 hour response Remote DBA Contracts

Free database healthcheck on Consultancy On Demand contracts when purchasing 40+ hours.

Triton’s industry-leading Remote DBA service offers the reassurance of stable, secure management for all components of a client’s DB2 infrastructure, without the associated staffing and technical issues. 


Benefits or a Remote DBA Service:

  • Absences such as sickness or holidays are automatically covered – ideal for small DBA teams
  • No loss of cover when DBA’s are pulled off onto other projects
  • Better utilization of internal DBA resource – outsourcing routine monitoring and maintenance allows DBA’s to focus on more strategic development projects.
  • Benefit from Triton’s extensive experience and specialism in DB2
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Easily definable ROI


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