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2008 Posted by James Gill

TWS – Export and Import

I had to set up 10 TWS batch schedules this week, and baulked a bit at the idea of going through the admin tool and clicking them all in. Following a discusion with a colleague, I came across a TWS utility called “composer” which I hadn’t previously known about. This allows you to export job and schedule definitions to a file, and then re-import them again. Using this, I was able to create the first set of jobs and schedule and then export to a file using:

    composer create file.txt from job=WORKSTATION#JOBNAME


   composer create file2.txt from sched=WORKSTATION#SCHEDNAME

Then, using some dodgy shell, sed and awk scripting, I cloned all of these for each of the environments and reloaded them using:

   composer replace file.txt

What could be simpler? The text files produced are fairly self explanatory, although – no doubt – with a little rummaging there’s bound to be a manual somewhere about the syntax.

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