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2013 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

As power consumption continues to rise so does the size of the datacentre

A recent survey by Campos Research of 300 senior datacentre executives found that power consumption continues to increase by rack but that virtually all respondents are planning to expand their datacentres.* This research provides yet more evidence that power and cooling costs in the datacentre are rising. With this in mind it is imperative for organisations to find ways to slow the proliferation of hardware within the datacentre.

Datacentres have doubled their energy use in the past five years with an 18% increase in datacentre energy costs projected. Enterprise Linux Server (ELS) from IBM is a new way to cut down on the cost of the ever-increasing datacentre. By consolidating multiple server workloads onto one ELS organisations are able to see a reduction in energy costs of up to 80%**

Consolidating multiple server workloads into a single ELS environment can dramatically improve TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by cutting server room environmental costs and software licence fees as well as offering vastly improved workload management and productivity benefits. Organisations can see a reduction in overall energy usage due to lower overall power and cooling requirements when compared to multiple racks of x86 or RISC servers required to handle an equivalent workload.

The proliferation of individual application and database servers can put intolerable pressure on server room environmentals. Enterprise Linux Server is certainly worth considering for those organisations who are aiming to reduce the cost of the datacentre.

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* Campos Research Survey

** IBM

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