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2015 Posted by Paul Stoker

Black Friday 2015 – can your databases cope?

Are you prepared for Black Friday? The 27th November is predicted to be the UK’s first £1bn online shopping day.

The latest in a long line of imports from the US saw £810m spent by UK shoppers in 2014, and reportedly four times as many people plan to take advantage of the Black Friday deals this year.

Then hot on the heels of Black Friday will be Cyber Monday, which this year will coincide with month end on 30th November.

Great news for online retailers – but will the IT infrastructure supporting your Online Retail sites cope? Networks and Web servers are usually the focus of proactive performance improvements to cater for increased transaction workload, but what about database availability and scalability?

Last year’s big spend also brought with it some serious issues for several well-known UK high street brands who experienced severe website downtime, causing financial loss and customer frustration – and when customers can’t buy from you they’ll simply take their business elsewhere to where they can make that purchase.

Ensuring database and application scalability is key – can your systems handle the peak customer transactions during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Can you be sure that all of the SQL transactions accessing databases supporting your online retail applications are optimised and using minimal CPU?

Is your failover strategy in place in case the worst happens, and are you certain that your high availability solution is configured to ensure no downtime?

Triton Consulting offer a comprehensive Database Availability service to help you check that your DB2 databases and the applications upon which they rely are ready.

However given Black Friday is nearly upon us, Triton consultants can provide a more focussed Database Availability review specifically for Black Friday: –

  • Conduct pro-active health check to review critical DB2 system settings and assist with identification of potential workload bottlenecks;
  • Evaluate failover strategy and ensure high availability solution is configured appropriately ready for Black Friday;
  • Provide recommendations to improve database scalability, including potential changes specific for Black Friday workloads only, to ensure database and application availability.

For more information on how we can help you in the run up to the busiest online shopping period of the year, please visit or contact us now

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