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2010 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

Black Friday causes seasonal workload spikes – how did you cope?

Paypal today shared it’s transaction figures for Black Friday – 26th November – (traditionally the busiest online shopping day of the year).  Transactions went up by 27% on last year and spending amounts were up 19% compared with a normal Friday. 

That means a lot of online retailers and banking systems were experiencing a significant increase in workload.

What happens behind the scenes when databases and servers are put under this sort of pressure?  Slow response times, timeouts, loss of custom?  Or perhaps everything works really well but you’ve spent a huge amount on overprovisioning your environment in order to cope with seasonal peaks.

What if you could easily scale your system to meet the demand of short-term workload spikes and pay only for the additional capacity you need during that time? 

Sounds good doesn’t it?!

DB2 pureScale allows you to do just that.  With DB2 pureScale technology, you can grow and shrink your cluster on demand, as your business needs grow or subside.  With new “pay by the day” pricing from IBM you’ll only be paying for the capacity you need.

More information on DB2 pureScale can be found on our website or you can watch live demos of DB2 pureScale in action on our YouTube channel.

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