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2018 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

Cloudy with a Chance of DevOps – A Survival Guide Webcast

We are delighted to announce that Julian Stuhler, Solutions Delivery Director at Triton Consulting has been invited to present the first in a series of IBM webcasts by IBM Gold Consultants.

Julian will be taking a look at DevOps for Mainframe in his engaging webcast  – Cloudy with a Chance of DevOps – A Survival Guide on Thursday 12th July, 16:00 BST (11:00 AM EDT).

DevOps, as a concept, emerged around 2007. The early adopters and evangelists have been beating the DevOps drum with increasing pace in the intervening years. Although to some, Mainframe is seen as an older, more traditional platform which may not seem to sit naturally with DevOps principles, in fact there are many reasons why CIOs that are running Mainframe applications as part of their overall IT infrastructure simply can’t afford to ignore the benefits that DevOps can bring.

In addition, as Mainframe practitioners, we all need to be aware of the impending changes that will naturally come to DB2 for z/OS job roles when these new practices are adopted. As large enterprises continue their headlong rush into Cloud Computing and the DevOps movement continues to gather momentum, traditional DB2 for z/OS job roles will be forced to adapt.

In his presentation, Julian will provide a brief overview of arguably the two most important IT trends of the moment, Cloud and DevOps. He will examine how they are directly impacting DB2 Developers, DBAs and Systems Programmers. From cloud oriented application design to fully automating DB2 schema changes, some practical guidelines are offered to help current practitioners thrive in this brave new world.

Register for the live webcast here.

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