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Configuring Db2 Pacemaker HADR cluster with QDevice in AWS

Configuring Db2 Pacemaker HADR cluster with QDevice in AWS Damir WilderIn my previous eBook, I showed how to configure a Pacemaker HADR cluster and how the remote client connections behaved in various Pacemaker/HADR setups (with and without VIP and/or ACR).

However, back then I didn’t experiment at all with the separate quorum devices, which is the recommended approach for production workloads, and I made a promise (to myself and you 😊) to do that testing at a later stage and share the results with you.

So, trying to stay true to my word, I’ve just done the installation and the configuration of yet another Pacemaker/HADR cluster, this time in a cloudy AWS environment (following the current trends) and including a separate quorum device (following the “best practices”).

If you’re interested to see how it went and learn all the details, please download my latest eBook.



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