2020 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

COVID-19 – could there be a silver lining?

COVID-19 has been a human tragedy. But could it also be a commercial opportunity?

For some sectors, like retail and travel, the pandemic has been disastrous, while for others, it’s actually increased demand. But for pretty much everybody, the pandemic has made technology and digital transformation even more vital than before.

As Winston Churchill supposedly said, you should never let a good crisis go to waste. Smart firms are turning the urgency of their pandemic response into momentum for change, to make sure they come out of this difficult year a lot stronger than they went in.

At Triton, we have a host of ways to ensure your databases are ready to support increases in workload, rapid development or digital transformation, future proofing your database environments that are critical to your business. They include optimising mainframe costs and efficiency, shortening development timescales with DevOps, shifting applications to the cloud and on-demand database technical support. Or we can give you a comprehensive database health check and recommend ways to improve.

It’s true that consultancy is yet another cost. But it’s also an investment that will pay for itself – and help you get your crisis response right first time.

To read more about the changes and challenges of COVID-19, download How smart businesses are turning COVID-19 from a challenge into an opportunity.


Turning COVID-19 from a challenge into an opportunity


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