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Database Support In the Public Sector

In recent years the Public Sector has faced difficult choices when it comes to cost management. The IT budget, along with everything else, has been under pressure and IT departments across the country have had to reduce costs and headcount.

Cost challenges increase risk

With reduced headcount comes an increased level of risk. With fewer IT support staff it is far more difficult for operation-critical data to be successfully maintained, leaving the organisation vulnerable to outages and uncontained performance problems.

“Having worked in the public sector I am fully aware of the budget pressures that IT departments are under. Tough choices have to be made but the mission critical database and applications within an organisation must be maintained in order for uninterrupted service to continue” Somu Chakrabarty, Senior DB2 Consultant, Triton Consulting Ltd.

Organisations running DB2 will find that without a dedicated DB2 DBA they can face significant problems in keeping their data available. A member of support staff may be trained in another area of database management but other DBMS systems have very different structures and commands to DB2, this means that staff skilled in other systems may struggle to cope if issues arise in DB2. The cost to the organisation if one of the DB2 applications were to go down can be significant.

Organisations can reduce their annual DB2 support costs by up to 75% with RemoteDBA Office compared to one full time DBA.

Cost effective 24/7 support

Many public sector organisations require their data to be available 24/7 in order to provide services such as social care and emergency support. This can be a real challenge in an environment where budgets are tight and expertise is limited. Engaging an out of hours only support service to cover those times when the existing staff can’t be available is a cost effective solution to keeping vital services running.

Reducing training costs

Those organisations that are able to keep their existing DBA staff face the additional challenge of keeping up to date with current technologies. The price-tag attached to training and development can be hefty but without staying up to date organisations can face real risks of non-compliance, badly performing workloads and decreased efficiency. Working with an accredited partner for DB2 support means that they can plug any gaps in knowledge without the need for costly training.

One solution to all these challenges is to engage an external organisation with the specialist skills needed to cover what is lacking in-house. A RemoteDBA service means that an organisation can benefit from expert DBA support for a fraction of the cost of a fulltime inhouse DB2 DBA.

  Full Time DBA RemoteDBA
No salary, training or other benefits to pay? x a
Holiday cover provided? x a
Sickness cover provided? x a
Additional DB2 performance tooling included? x a

With RemoteDBA from Triton Consulting you can be assured of a proven, stable and secure process for the cost-effective management of all components of your DB2 infrastructure.

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