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DB2 9.7 is streets ahead of Oracle Database 11gR2 in ease of use study

The full white paper "Comparing DBA Productivity: An Oracle/DB2 Task Complexity Analysis" is now available to download:

Over the last few months our team of experts have undertaken an objective assessment of the complexity of several routine DBA activities, comparing Oracle Database 11g R2 and DB2 9.7.  During the course of this study we found that DB2 9.7 holds a significant advantage in every single category we tested! 

The DBA tasks that we used were: 

  • Installation
  • Enabling table compression
  • Enabling index compression
  • Backup and recovery
  • Automatic memory tuning
  • Authorisation

"Lower complexity is directly correlated to time savings and with staff costs consuming an ever-increasing percentage of IT budgets, this study proves that DB2 9.7 demonstrates tangible TCO benefits over Oracle 11g" Iqbal Goralwalla, Head of DB2 Midrange, Triton Consulting. 

You can read our blog posts on the study here –

and the DB2 pureScale Vs Oracle RAC webcast is available to watch on demand here –

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