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DB2 beats Oracle Database in final task showdown

In the final task in our study comparing complexity in Oracle Database 11g and DB2 9.7 we looked at data access control.  We found the data access control activity to be dramatically easier to implement in DB2 V9.7 than the equivalent functionality within Oracle Database 11gR2.

DB2 9.7 allows for the revoking of privileges from users with one command per user, and the overall complexity is minimal in comparison to Oracle Database. DB2 completes the task at the database level whereas its Oracle Database counterpart requires the implementation of a virtual private database to control the data access. This is further complicated with the number of steps required to complete the process, which involves the creation of triggers, Oracle Database re-writing SQL statements and adding a policy to each table. The virtual private database is only available with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition while DB2 provides a single command which is available throughout all DB2 for LUW product editions.  Another significant difference between DB2 and Oracle Database is the separation of duties. DB2 uses a specific user (SECADM), who is the security administrator. Oracle Database does not have an equivalent capability.

The complexity metric for DB2 is nearly 81% lower than the complexity metric for Oracle Database

“Our projections show that the Oracle Database data access control task for the specified environment could take over 130 minutes of DBA interaction time to complete. In contrast, the same data access control task for DB2 would take a little over 25 minutes.”  Iqbal Goralwalla, Head of DB2 Midrange, Triton Consulting.

DB2 9.7 Vs Oracle 11g Data Access Control


The white paper with a breakdown for each task can be downloaded here –

Complexity analysis is a new approach to evaluating and communicating the usability of software and is based on established research as described in this document

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