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2010 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

DB2 pureScale – all you need to know

We’ve been doing a lot of work and producing a lot of articles, webcasts and general information on DB2 pureScale over the last 12 months.  So here is a list of links to everything we have produced on DB2 pureScale.  This blog will be updated whenever we produce something new so keep it bookmarked!

Five days in the IBM Boeblingen Labs Part 1 – 

Five days in the IBM Boeblingen Labs Part 2 – DB2 pureScale Coupling Facility –

Five days in the IBM Boeblingen Labs Part 3 -DB2 pureScale Insert Load & Replication –

A growing online retail sector needs the right IT solution to support customer service –

DB2 pureScale now available for Linux on System x –

Big News for DB2 Workgroup users – 

DB2 pureScale – not just for the techies! –

Black Friday causes seasonal workload spikes – how did you cope? –

DB2 pureScale performance proven – part 1 –

DB2 pureScale performance proven – part 2 –


Pure Genius!  pureScale has arrived! –!-pureScale-has-arrived!

Triton Consulting are the first to work with DB2 pureScale – 

A DB2 pureScale Primer – 

August announcements – DB2 pureScale on System x –

IBM DB2 pureScale: The Next Big Thing or a Solution Looking for a Problem –


Episode 1DB2 pureScale Overview 

Episode 2DB2 pureScale. Installation, Instance Management & Monitoring 

Episode 3DB2 pureScale Availability and Data Recovery

Episode 4DB2 pureScale. Performance and tuning

Episode 5DB2 pureScale Season Finale DB2 pureScale Vs Oracle RAC


Confessions of a DB2 Geek –

Confessions of a DB2 Geek – Triton’s DB2 pureScale Commodity Cluster –

Live Demos

DB2 pureScale – Dynamic Scalability and Capacity on Demand  – 

DB2 pureScale – Automatic Member Recovery –

DB2 pureScale – Avaulability – Coupling Facility – 

Main Website

DB2 pureScale Overview –

How does DB2 pureScale Work? –

DB2 pureScale Benefits to Business –

DB2 pureScale – The IT Exec Overview –


IBM announce geographically dispersed capability for DB2 pureScale –

DB2 pureScale homepage –

IBM Developerworks –

IBM Developerworks – What is DB2 pureScale?

IBM Developerworks – Deploying the DB2 pureScale feature –

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