Db2 pureScale

IBM Db2 pureScale offers clustering technology that delivers continuous availability, unlimited scalability and application transparency.

Db2 pureScale is based on industry leading Db2 for z/OS data sharing technology and is available as part of the core IBM Db2 LUW engine.


DB2 pureScale icon Triton ConsultingUnlimited Capacity

Db2 pureScale provides practically unlimited capacity for any transactional workload. This means that you can add capacity as your needs grow and easily handle key capacity spikes with pay by the day pricing.


Application Transparency

With Db2 pureScale you don’t need to change your application code and you can grow your application to meet the most demanding business requirements.


Continuous Availability

Db2 pureScale keeps critical systems available all the time, uninterrupted access to data throughout both planned and unplanned outages.


Cost savings

The ability to increase and reduce capacity means you are never over provisioning your environment. Db2 pureScale’s cluster-based, shared-disk architecture reduces costs through efficient use of system resources.


How does Db2 pureScale actually work?

Technical brains at the ready including transparent application settings, workload balancing, resilience, System x and supported servers. Learn more…


Why choose Triton for your Db2 pureScale implementation

Triton Consulting provide Db2 pureScale consultancy and services to help organisation plan and implement this groundbreaking technology.

Db2 pureScale for LUW is based on the well-established Db2 for z/OS data sharing technology. At Triton we have both Db2 LUW expertise and Db2 z/OS data sharing expertise. In addition to this, our expert consultants have spent time working with Db2 pureScale in the IBM labs and have also implemented a Db2 pureScale environment in our own technology centre.



Find out how Db2 pureScale can help you reduce IT costs and bring high availability to critical business applications


Db2 pureScale for IT Execs
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