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DBAs are amazing – give them a break!

With the summer season (finally) upon us and colleagues jetting off on holiday, spare a thought for the lonely DBA who has to keep the database up and running come rain or shine.

For DBAs who don’t work in the AVIVAs and Lloyds of this world (who have large teams to support their databases) holiday season can be a lonely and stressful time. In organisations with just one or two DBAs, managing holiday cover can be very difficult. Is it good enough to have your DBA calling in from a beach in Tenerife? Probably not.

How about a RemoteDBA service? “We have our own DBA and they’re great” we hear you cry! Well of course they are but they’re only human and need a holiday, possibly a day off sick here and there and they’re definitely going to be over stretched around times when major upgrade or project work comes along.

RemoteDBA can easily work alongside existing DBAs to help provide support out of hours and during busy periods. One of our existing customers, CPA Global, has an in house DB2 DBA. However, that person also has responsibility for many other areas and this was one of the reasons they chose to use RemoteDBA from Triton. Read the case study here.

They’re not the only ones. Triton have had a rush of new customers in the last 12 months as organisations realise the need for additional cover for their mission critical DB2 databases. One customer recently said:

“I have been working with Triton Consulting in my role as Programme Director and Operational Excellence Consultant for one of our clients, and have been delighted by the short response times, professionalism and technical expertise in and around DB2 matters. Not only their standard DB2 RemoteDBA Support Service but also their Ad-Hoc DB2 Consultancy on Demand offering provided an excellent mix of service levels covering the support the project team(s) needed. I definitely recommend Triton Consulting to any organisation in need of DB2 services and support.”

Dr Alexandra Fenzl Assistant Director, Operational and IT Transaction Services Ernst & Young LLP

To find out more about Triton’s RemoteDBA service for DB2 support visit our website or contact us.

Your DBA is amazing, give them a break!

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