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Do you know what’s going on under the covers?

It is often the case that software applications are shipped alongside their preferred database, installed and used effectively with no issues. It doesn’t usually make too much difference what the database of choice by the application vendor is, as long as things are running well then support for the underlying database is not considered an issue. However, from time to time we hear from organisations who have purchased an application and are experiencing issues with a database of which their IT team has no experience because it has been included as part of an application implementation.

Applications such as Maximo, SAP, Tivoli Storage Manager and IBM Business Process Manager all recommend DB2 as the preferred database. Organisations who run Oracle or SQL Server can hit problems if they experience any DB2-related issues and don’t have the inhouse resource to deal with it. The software vendor will usually provide excellent support for the application itself but it is important to ensure that the underlying database is looked after. You need to know what’s going on “under the covers” to keep your application running smoothly.

Training Oracle or SQL DBAs on DB2 can be expensive and probably not a great use of their time, given that the majority of their workload is not going to include DB2. Similarly, hiring a DB2 DBA to look after the database in this scenario is also going to prove expensive and is likely not necessary day to day. However, on that odd occasion when organisations do need some help with the DB2 database which is underlying their application then a Consultancy on Demand contract may be the answer. Simply purchasing 20 hours of DB2 consultancy means that if any issues arise you can call Triton who will be able to provide a consultant, either onsite or remotely to get things resolved. This is a far more cost efficient way of dealing with this type of issue. Triton’s team of DB2 experts will definitely be able to pinpoint what’s going on in the DB2 database under the covers of your application.

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