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How flexible is your DB2 support team?

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to DB2 support. If a problem is going to happen you can bet your lunch money on it happening in the middle of the night on a Sunday when your most experienced DB2 DBA is on holiday. Does your IT team have the flexibility to handle DB2 support issues under those circumstances? Who do you turn to when your skilled DBA is away or unavailable?

Issues are often more complicated than they first seem, with multiple teams or departments having to become involved in firefighting the issue. Just take a look at some of our most recent DB2 support nightmares for some hair-raising examples.

It’s not only those emergency scenarios which require a high degree of flexibility. Your DB2 support team, whether internal, external or a combination of the two, need to be able to; plan maintenance work, deal with daily management, complete development projects and handle emergency situations often against a backdrop of competing priorities.

The ability to provide this kind of flexible service can be a real challenge for small and medium sized businesses. Not only having enough hands on deck but also having the required mix of skills within the team. Smaller organisations who don’t have access to the right skills or don’t have enough staff on hand when they need them can find themselves under real pressure.

Cost can be a major factor when it comes to increasing access to skilled IT staff. However, being able to scale-up your DB2 team during busy periods and scale-down during quieter times isn’t just a luxury for large multi-national organisations with access to a huge resource pool.  Imagine doing your resource planning and knowing that you could call on expert DB2 skills to cover your seasonal workload peak.

Triton Consulting provides a Consultancy on Demand service which is designed for customers who need varying levels of support and consultancy. This highly flexible service allows you to purchase a block of hours to be used as and when needed. You can purchase a block of 20,50 or 100 hours. You can then call off hours as and when you need them. The highly flexible nature of this service means that hours can be called off for a development piece, training or to cover DB2 skills when they’re in short supply in your team.

Find out more about Consultancy on Demand.

Download the Consultancy on Demand infographic.

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