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I already have a DBA. Why do I need RemoteDBA?

Skilled DBAs are in high demand. A DBA’s workload generally covers a huge array of tasks including; day to day database management and monitoring, database design, capacity planning, programming and development, database availability. The list goes on! With all this (and more) on a DBA’s plate things can get really tough when you’re faced with extra busy periods. A software upgrade or a seasonal workload peak can put huge pressure on an already stretched team.

Holiday times can be another source of major stress for DBAs and management teams alike. It’s not unusual for small to medium sized businesses to have just one DB2 DBA. If that person goes on holiday or is off sick, what then? Who is in charge of that critical database? Perhaps an Oracle or SQL DBA or an IT generalist can be drafted in to help out but this is a risky strategy. Check out our Top 10 DB2 Support Nightmares to find out why!

If you’re not sure that you need a remote database support service, just consider the following questions for a moment:

• Where does your DBA go for support or advice?
• Do you have a robust contingency plan for when your DBA is not available?
• What happens during extra busy periods such as during a software upgrade or a seasonal workload peak?
• What would be the cost to your business if one of your DB2 applications was down for an hour/day/week?

When evaluating which remote support provider to work with consider:

• Skill level of the organisation providing the service. Many organisations offer remote database support services for a range of databases. Make sure the organisation you select has specific expertise in DB2.

• Evaluate the support packages on offer. Can the organisation in question provide 24/7 support for example?

• What is the process for raising a support ticket? Make sure there is a clear process for raising support issues to ensure that you are fully aware of progress.

• Will you get on? Clear and open communication with a remote services provider is vital. Make sure that the culture and ethics of the organisation you are working with match your own.

The RemoteDBA service from Triton Consulting works really well alongside your existing staff. Our team understand the challenges that DBAs face on a day to day basis. They provide that everyday management and monitoring day in and day out, through busy times and holiday seasons. Come what may our RemoteDBA service can be relied upon to support your business and it’s critical DB2 databases.

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