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2013 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

IBM Announce DB2 11

IBM have formerly announced DB2 11.  The latest version of DB2 for z/OS has a planned availability date of 25th October 2013.  The EMEA version of the announcement letter here, and the US version here.

DB2 11 is the latest version of DB2 for z/OS and contains several major improvements designed to support ever-increasing data and transaction volumes. Most customers can expect to see net DB2 CPU savings of up to 10% in their complex OLTP and update-intensive batch workloads when compared to DB2 10 and up to 40% for query workloads. New productivity features will reduce the effort required by developers and support staff to deliver robust DB2 applications.

IBM continues to expand DB2’s formidable scalability and resilience to better support transactional workloads while significantly improving the integration with specialised analytics processing platforms. The end result is a hybrid solution which is capable of efficiently supporting very diverse workloads in a highly cost effective manner.

Listen to our DB2 11 podcast series to find out more.

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