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2010 Posted by Carol Davis-Mann

IBM DB2 pureScale: The Next Big Thing or a Solution Looking for a Problem?

In his latest article for Database Journal, Julian Stuhler takes a look at DB2 pureScale and the possible implications for the entire IBM DB2 world.

For many years, DB2 for z/OS has been able to provide mainframe users with unmatched levels of resilience and scalability courtesy of some rather neat technology known as data sharing. This makes use of IBM’s Parallel Sysplex technology to allow many DB2 subsystems (or “members”) to share the same data in a shared-disk architecture. In October 2009, IBM announced that similar capabilities would be delivered for the DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows product, in an optional facility dubbed pureScale.

Why DB2 pureScale?  Click here to read the full article.

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