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IBM Deliver Powerful Enhancements With DB2 12

After a successful Early Support Programme in the first part of 2016, IBM has announced the general availability date for the latest release of DB2 for z/OS. DB2 12 is something of a milestone as it represents the last release of DB2 to be delivered under the traditional monolithic delivery model, with large amounts of new function being delivered all at once every 2-3 years. With an announcement earlier in the year informing the industry that IBM is moving to a continuous delivery model we can expect these large-scale DB2 releases to be mostly replaced by many more incremental drops of new function. The advent of continuous delivery will bring with it exciting, if busy, times for everyone in the industry. More on that to come.

Sticking with this release then, we have been impressed with IBM’s commitment to improving efficiency, reducing costs through lower CPU usage and faster mobile support.

"DB2 12 delivers some powerful enhancements to improve developer productivity, allowing it to remain the database platform of choice for a new wave of enterprise mobile and cloud applications. The new capabilities around temporal auditing and the enhanced MERGE and SQL/PL trigger features should prove to be especially popular." Julian Stuhler, Solutions Delivery Director, Triton Consulting

The planned availability date for DB2 12 is 21st October 2016. You can listen to a recording of the launch webcast with Julian Stuhler of Triton Consulting and Jeff Josten of IBM – download here 

Julian and the Mainframe team have been working with DB2 for z/OS for nearly thirty years and have a wealth of experience in all types of version upgrades. If you would like to speak to the team about your next DB2 upgrade contact us to arrange an initial discussion.

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