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2016 Posted by Damir Wilder

Meet the Geek – Damir Wilder joins our busy RemoteDBA team

We have recently had a new team member join our busy Midrange and RemoteDBA support department.  Damir is a multi-talented DB2 expert and has worked with DB2 for LUW since V5.0.  With significant experience as a Database Administrator and Application Developer he has developed deep technical skills with database design and performance tuning.  As part of our DB2 Midrange team Damir works on both Consultancy projects and Remote DB2 support for a wide range of customers.

In the first blog from our adrenaline junkie DB2 performance expert we find out a little bit more about Damir and his life in the world of DB2…


How long have you been working in IT?
Since 1997

Have you had other IT roles which didn’t involve DB2?
I have been involved in application development (on top of DB2, of course).  During my academic years I worked with microcontrollers but that seems like another life now!

What was the first version of DB2 that you ever worked on?

What are your favourite features in DB2?
On the outside; the CLP and its associated tools (db2top, dp2pd,etc)
Inside the database; the Partitioned tables, UDFs, Stores Procedures, HADR/TSA

What would you say is your DB2 speciality?
Apart from the obvious database administration, it would be performance tuning/SQL optimisation.  Lately I have also become quite proficient in HADR/TSA

Not naming any organisations or individuals, can you tell us about your most memorable IT project to date?
That would be the introduction of data archiving to an OLTP database, using partitioned tables and federated databases.  There’s even an IDUG session on the subject (2013, Barcelona, F3), presented by an ex-colleague.

What’s the weather like where you are today?
Awful, rainy, grey, cold and miserable, but on the bright side it was brilliantly sunny and pleasantly warm on the day the question was posed 🙂

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